3 Web Design Trends for 2022

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What a year it had been so for with huge waves of truly unbelievable trend changes. Being already at the last quarter of this year, most of the dust has settled and the spearhead trends have consolidated their position. But due to the adaptation of responsive websites, internet viewers have just started to feel the stereo type designs. Having said that, subtle changes in the various design trends of 2022 has enabled each and every successful web designs to stand apart. FortuneCookies Infotech LLP, the best web design Company in Kolhapur spells out the 3 hugely followed web designed trends in this year.

King size visuals and fonts

Internet visitors love HD videos and crispy images and no wonder, this has been again attested by the internet trends. Although it has been in practice for just less than 2 years, it has gained immense popularity and has been received whole heartedly. With the viewers habituated to long scrolls in smart phones, it is no more a rocket science to have perfect high resolution images in the screen and crystal clear bold fonts that capture the eyeball and convey the content. Web designers have come out of the good old font shackles and easily crossed the boundary conditions. Mind boggling new typefaces perfectly complements the visual impact created by the images. The advancement of technology to accommodate higher bandwidth and excellent data compressions has made sure that it does not take years to load. Perfect blending of UI and creativity has resulted in the neatly stacked card layouts of bold pictures and contents. A big thumbs up!


Which was the most favorite design? It is still debated and the verdict is yet to come. But what we can definitely say is that all the three designs — flat, responsive and material, have their own merits and demerits. Especially, the latest entrant, material design Lite by Google has gained the tag of game changer. Material design provides ultra focus on UX and renders absolutely clean design with more usage of shadow and depths. Nevertheless, it is not that the flat design is out of competition, rather it is still ruling the world with simple typography, ghost buttons, and enthralling color schemes. Last but not the least, thanks to the massive proliferation of smart phones, responsive designs are king of its kind. All these designs have been modified to be ultra light with versatile scalability features.

Micro interactions

One thing that is fast catching up in the cyber world is intelligent but subtle micro interactions. It is true that there cannot be a single app or a dynamic site without micro interaction. Right from pressing the OK button to sharing the content in a face book page, micro interaction is present everywhere. But then how come it is a trending feature if it is so common? Successful website designers have brilliantly deployed the age old idea in interactions — subtle animation to make it more interesting and to garner the attention at right moment. Moreover, these aid to engage the users and make the content more meaningful and productive. For instance, motion is employed in the material design to effect transition or a feedback pop up before signing out render better results.

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With more and more technology outbursts, we sincerely do not have an iota of doubt on evolution of better designs and UX. In fact, that has been the driving force for us to move from GIFs and Flash programming from the early days to dynamic and responsive websites of today. It is essential to go with the technology and align ourselves with it so as to be better prepared in this highly competitive world.

But is it possible to incorporate all the trend setting features in the website? Well, frankly it depends on the nature of business or service offered by the company. It would be a disaster to provide large images and scrolls in an online commerce site. Likewise, it would be highly beneficial to have large and stunning images in a travel site. The key is to provide human-centered simple layout that provides the best usability features.

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